Wednesday, 19 September 2012

First Post

I think it's time I start putting my thoughts into something more concrete, and more importantly, more sharable, than my facebook timeline (the texts in your FB posts, in case you weren't aware - and I wasn't until recently - cannot be shared).

So here goes.

I've called this blog Viable Awesomism, this being the thread that runs through my life and my ramblings on any topic ever.

Viable Awesomism (or V.A.) is a name I've given a philosophy. I have not invented any of it. It's not just a philosophy I believe should be practiced, but one I believe already is practiced by most developed societies, except that they all still call it capitalism or variations thereupon, which leads to everyone trying to solve the same set of problem but not always realizing that virtually everyone is on the same side.

Viable Awesomism is capitalism to the same extent as being human is digestionism.

You need to eat and digest food if you intend to stay alive and healthy. Debating that is a waste of time. It's facts. But your intestinal action doesn't cover what you're all about as a person.

When it comes to describing where this whole thing around us is all headed, I have always found the two poles of capitalism and socialism (or communism, if you're thus inclined) lacking. Not unlike the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we've seen in the past century and in this one that both sides were right, both were wrong, and nobody was busy elaborating a clear idea that would capture the best of both and the vices of neither, so we can all move on and go solve the next set of problems.

I'm not going to try to limit it to the specific things I may believe society should be doing. I recognize the miniscule angle any one person can ever represent relative to everything millions of people collectively do.
That has never worked. No-one can "decide" on human creativity. It's circumstantial, subject to zeitgeist and opinion and inevitably ends up outdated and wrong.
I will, however, attempt to ramble about some of the qualities that capture the breadth of current and future human endeavor better than either 'capital' or 'social' does. And in my wildest dreams, get others to share the idea.

This semi-philosophy, semi-foreign-affairs, semi-technology, semi-environmental and semi random shit blog is my humble yet optimistic attempt to say - we're all trying to solve the same problem.